Water-Based Flexographic Ink

Water-Based Flexographic Ink


 Environmentally friendly ink-flexible

Flexographic ink is currently recognized as the most environmentally friendly printing pigment, mainly processed from color paste, water-based resin and related additives.

CA water-based ink series has a wide range of applicationto coated or non-coated surface with polyester such asPVC, OPP, CPP and PET films, etc. This ink is soft andanti-scratch after drying.


Drying Condition

CA water-based ink series can be dried at 85℃ for onemin.


If drying effect needs to be modulated during the printingprocess, pure water is allowed to add as a thinner, whichis not over 2% of gross weight of the finished water-basedink.

Screen Printing Cleaner

Please wash out the ink with CA cleaners



Range  of  Use

CPP / F l e x o g r a p h i c P r i n t i n g

Drying   Condition

H e a t i n g t h e p r i n t e d e n d p r o d u c t s a t 8 5 ℃ ,safe and energy-saving

Ripening  Time

W i t h i n 2 h o u r s ,p r o d u c t i v e l y h a s t e n p r o c e s s i n g rate

Printing   Viscosity

Zahn Cup#4 15-20 secs( f l e x i b l e f o r c u s t o m i z a t i o n )

Fineness  of   AniloxRoller

200-1,000 LPI( a p p l i c a b l e f o r v a r i o u s p r i n t i n g f i n e n e s s )

PH Value



< 5 % r e s t r i c t i o n


20kgs per PP b a r r e l

Category of Colors

Colours  of  water-based ink are custom-made.

P/ N


Environmental Label - SGS Test Report